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Immigrants are dreamers. Becoming successful as an immigrant is very possible.

Immigrants come from all walk of life, Most immigrants move from their native country to look for better pasture (milk and honey…dollars etc), Most immigrants are driven by spade of success, Motivation and courage is what drives most of immigrants. Immigrant sometimes can be faced with challenges that might place doubt of whether they can [...]

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Are you an immigrant aiming for success? Want to become rich…Get inspired

Immigrants Are More Likely to Become Successful Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Interestingly, research shows that immigrants are more likely to become successful entrepreneurs than native-born Americans. According to a new study released last week by Duke University and UC-Berkley, immigrant entrepreneurs founded 25.3 percent of all U.S. engineering and technology companies established in the past [...]

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Live and Work in Canada Now

Canada Begins Accepting Applications for New Federal Skilled Trades Program   Friday, 11 January 2013 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has begun accepting applications from overseas skilled workers under a brand-new Federal Skilled Trades Program from January 2, 2013 to address labour shortages seen in many regions in Canada.   In order to “address serious [...]

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Would you prefer to study abroad in UK? If yes, Please state your reasons…Thank you

Fall in students from India and Pakistan as immigration rules bite Drop in Indian and Pakistani students of 23.5% and 13.4% partly due to growing perception that Britain is not a welcoming place By Matthew Taylor, The Guardian, Friday 11 January 2013 13.47 EST International students make up the majority of numbers in many postgraduate courses and [...]

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Want to Study and Live in UK….know immigration rules then…..

The number of international students in UK reduces as the government introduces stringent immigration rules On January 11, 2013, in Migration News, by deyan  According to Ms Dandridge, who is a chief executive of the umbrella organization “universities UK” the restrictive immigration rules and the hostile speeches and policy initiatives from the UK government are reducing [...]

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