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Written By: admin - Jan• 16•13

Canada Begins Accepting Applications for New Federal Skilled Trades Program


Friday, 11 January 2013
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has begun accepting applications from overseas skilled workers under a brand-new Federal Skilled Trades Program from January 2, 2013 to address labour shortages seen in many regions in Canada.

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In order to “address serious labour shortages that some regions of the country are facing”, and “help grow Canada’s economy”, as Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney stated in an announcement, the new Skilled Trades Program is designed for skilled tradesperson with experience in certain occupations to apply for Canadian immigration.

In the program’s first year, up to 3000 foreign skilled tradespersons in 43 occupations will be allowed entry into Canada. The occupation list was designed to reflect current labour market needs and ensure the program delivers a diverse range of skilled tradespersons to fuel Canada’s economy. Within the limit of 3,000, there is no limit set for 26 in-demand occupations, but 17 remaining occupations will only have maximum of 100 places each.

To qualify for the program, applicants must basic language proficiency in either English or French at the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 5 for speaking and listening, and CLB 4 for reading and writing. In addition, they must have a valid offer of employment in Canada or a certificate of qualification from a province or territory in a qualifying skilled trade and must prove a minimum experience of two years in last five years.

“The Federal Skilled Trades Program is yet another tool in the Canadian employer’s toolkit to find the workers they need to build Canada’s future economy,” said Minister Kenney. “This new program, along with all other changes we are introducing, will help us move towards an immigration system that better supports Canada’s economic growth and long-term prosperity.”

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